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Thrice Global Banking	        Experience
Systems Administrator	     

		  	        07.2000 - 01.2018          Numerous SysAdmin titles
         for         	        contracted by		   IBM · HP · EDS   &   DIS

			        for customers 	           ABN AMRO Banking
		           			           IBM Global Account
    ABN AMRO Bank 	     				   Rolls-Royce Aero-Engines
 M i d d l e w a r e					   Mitsubishi Motors

			        An uninterrupted tenure of   17+ years   throughout
        		        multiple  company  take-overs,  customer  transfers
         via	    	        and locations in greater Amsterdam and Berlin area.
    EDS · HP · IBM 
 			        Most  recently  focussed   on   message  orientated
  			        middleware,  facilitating IBM's take-over  and  the
			        continuation of tasks from  HP Nederland BV and EDS
			        International BV for ABN AMRO Bank, i.e.:

			        Support and troubleshoot  high-availability  imple-
			        mentations of IBM WebSphere in globally distributed
			        production and test environments based on  Solaris,
			        Linux,  AS400,  HP-UX,  AIX and  Windows  platforms
			        throughout  the  ABN AMRO banking group  as well as
			        their connected partners.

A qualified bilingual 	        § Resolution of incidents  identified by monitoring
Systems Administrator             and    Service  Chain  Control    together   with
f o u n d e d      on  	          associated creation  of  activity records  within
extensive  experience 	          Service Center  and   Root Cause  Analysis appli-
within  reputable  US 	          cations  as per  problem  &  incident  management
and  European organi-	          guidelines. Responsible for 24x7 on-call 2nd line
sations, wishing   to  	          Production support  on  a regular rotation basis.
pursue a career in an  
environment     where 	        § Generation of scripts for  deploying/modifying MQ
analytic,   technical 	          objects  in  accordance  to  the    bank  group's
and  problem  solving  	          engineered  solutions   and   naming  conventions
skills  will  make  a             using in-house Auto-Config Server facility.
positive contribution
			        § Participation  in  project development cycles  to
			          install  new objects, update code  and  implement
			          configuration changes  within WebSphere MQ,  con-
			          sistent with  ABN AMRO's  technical architecture,
 			          best practices, and strategic direction.

			        § Help maintain  effective  ongoing  communications
			          with   project  and  change  management,  Service
			          Chain  Control,   security,   certificates  team,
			          system operators,  multi-functional team  as well
			          as  internationally distributed  support,   help-
			          desks, regional processing centers, and 3rd party


			        06.1999 - 12.2017  	   Systems   Administration 

			        certified by 		   Amazon · IBM · Sun · SAP