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Thomas Hackett
Vurehout 225
1507 EC Zaandam
German &
British Citizen
Berlin · 5.5.1969
Single · Male
+31 [0]6 2244 1122

H a s h i C o r p
Jul 2018 - Feb 2021 Support Engineer
  Team-member of support-groups: Nomad · Vault · Support-Ops · Triage
  I consume & contribute to the daily information fire-hose, to:
  • Digest and build cognitive models from support requests by discovering their use-case in relation to the context of the product's vision,
    >> Responsible for 9x7 oncall production support on a regular rotation basis.  
  • Help customers interpret man-pages, to generate CLI/API output and view log events that diagnose cluster state,
  • Prove / negate hypotheses about error sources and possible solutions by creating configurations that exercise observed behaviors,
  • Review and discuss pertinent findings as customer advocate, in daily SME, product and development forums,
  • Collaborate in sync meetings to provide, and consume, any feedback from use-cases that may contribute as a guide for product growth, feature development, and support,
  • Continuously extend my skill set according to current product scope, as well as, the project's road-maps for the future. 
In addition, I'm also a member of the support-ops team which manages tools and programs that land across multiple product support teams.
Thrice Global Banking Systems Administrator 
for ABN AMRO Bank   M i d d l e w a r e   MQ
Sep 2000 - Jan 2018 Numerous titles
  contracted by:  IBM    ·    HP    ·    EDS     &     DIS 
  for customers:  ABN AMRO Banking    ·    IBM Global Account
Rolls-Royce Aero-Engines  ·  Mitsubishi Motors
  An uninterrupted tenure of 17+ years throughout multiple company take-overs, customer transfers and locations in greater Amsterdam and Berlin area.

Most recently focussed on message orientated middleware, facilitating IBM's take-over and the continuation of tasks from HP Nederland B.V. and EDS International B.V. for ABN AMRO Bank, i.e.:

Support and troubleshoot high-availability implementations of IBM WebSphere in globally distributed production and test environments based on Solaris, Linux, AS400, HP-UX, AIX and Windows platforms throughout the ABN AMRO banking group as well as their connected partners.
  • Resolution of incidents identified by monitoring and Service Chain Control together with associated creation of activity records within Service Center and Root Cause Analysis applications as per problem & incident management guidelines. >> Responsible for 24x7 oncall 2nd line Production support on a regular rotation basis. 
  • Generation of scripts for deploying/modifying MQ objects in accordance to the bank group's engineered solutions and naming conventions using in-house Auto-Config Server facility.
  • Participation in project development cycles to install new objects, update code and implement configuration changes within WebSphere MQ, consistent with ABN AMRO's technical architecture, best practices, and strategic direction.
  • Help maintain effective ongoing communications with project and change management, Service Chain Control, security, certificates team, system operators, multifunctional team as well as internationally distributed support, helpdesks, Regional Processing Centers, and 3rd party vendors.
Jun 1999 - Today Ongoing System Administrator Studies
  certified by: Amazon    ·    IBM    ·    Sun    ·    SAP